Sovex delivers the goods for UK Mail Back

Sovex delivers the goods for UK Mail

Wirral-based manufacturer Sovex has helped UK Mail create a system of conveyor belts and vehicle loaders to allow different types of goods to be efficiently transported around the postal delivery company's new mail hub.

Sovex worked with UK Mail on the multimillion-pound project to set up close to 100 conveyor systems to enable a move towards more loose-loading while still handling some palletised goods.

The manufacturer, which operates out of Prenton, began work on the contract in late 2013 ahead of the opening of the new mail hub in Ryton near Coventry in May 2015.

Sovex founder and chairman David Lindfield said: "We were brought into the UK Mail project to provide a flexible and bespoke vehicle loader and warehouse conveyor solution.

"A key aim of the project was to increase the hub's capacity for loose loading.

"The solution needed to both ensure UK Mail could load and unload all profiles of goods while creating more space should they need to still handle pallets. Essentially, this meant a complete redesign of the conveyor footprint."