Titanic hotel diverts waste from landfill with B&M Waste Services Back

Titanic hotel diverts waste from landfill with B&M Waste Services Liverpool’s prestigious luxury Titanic Hotel are ensuring they minimise environmental impact through diverting all their waste from landfill by working with B&M Waste Services.

B&M Waste Services, who have their HQ site in Bromborough, Wirral, offer solutions for segregation of recyclable items, as well as working with customers to achieve their sustainability goals of diverting waste from landfill.

Titanic hotel provides a ‘must stay’ location for meetings, events, weddings and leisure stays in Liverpool, and with such a high footfall, the level of subsequent waste also increases. Having worked together with the 153 bedroom Titanic Hotel since it’s opening in 2014, B&M’s service has adapted to achieve their key objectives, to keep things simple and tidy in terms of waste management.

Initially commencing with a service of separate bins for each waste stream, the service area quickly became cluttered and messy. As part of B&M’s service improvement plan, the initial bin service was replaced with a single compactor for waste, which allows a tidier waste compound and additionally reduces the indirect carbon emissions of the Titanic Hotel, as this large container requires less frequent collections by truck.

As part of the waste strategy, Titanic Hotel also utilise an eco-friendly electric vehicle and trailer to ensure quick, quiet and easy movement of waste across the site. This further reduces the carbon impact of the hotel.

Mick Ashall, Director for B&M Waste Services said “Working with hotels to achieve their desired results, as well as ensuring zero waste to landfill is made easy when the customer is on-board, and this model at Titanic Hotel is one we have applied across our extensive hotel base, and tailored to their exact requirements. We worked with Titanic prior to opening to ensure a smooth service from the get-go. The staff and facilities team at Titanic are second to none, and run a tight ship to ensure their visitors receive a top quality environmentally friendly experience when frequenting. We praise their commitment to landfill diversion and recycling”

Brian Connor, General Manager of Titanic Hotel commented, “There is fast growing recognition that climate change must be addressed. Individuals and businesses alike are increasingly aware of environmental impact, and it’s something the Titanic Hotel wanted to reflect in our service suppliers. B&M Waste are local and divert 100% of our waste from landfill. They’ve worked with us to provide a unique solution which fits our needs, and the fact that they generate green energy as opposed to sending waste to a landfill site is something we have been really impressed with.”

Carbon Neutral B&M Waste Services offer recycling-led solutions to businesses across Liverpool, and the Northwest as well as Nationally. They provide businesses large and small with sustainable waste management services, including tailored waste segregation schemes on-site, clearly signposted to show which waste goes into which container. As much recyclable material as possible is separated for recycling at their Materials Recovery Facility. They then use ‘Refuse Derived Fuel’ technology to process any remaining non-recyclable waste at a combined heat and power station to generate green energy as opposed to sending the waste to landfill sites.

Mick continued “The result at Titanic of 100% diversion of waste from landfill, and subsequent carbon savings equivalent to 154 trees and over 96,000 car miles saved through using our Carbon Neutral service in 2016 is very impressive, and something which we urge other hotels and hospitality venues to consider via our free waste audit.”