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B&M Waste keeping Manchester clean
As part of their commitment to keeping Manchester clean, B&M Waste and a team of volunteers from Soreen, the Sale Wombles and WSP, took part in a litter pick behind Soreen’s premises in Salford.
This area of outstanding beauty is a towpath used by the public, which when littered with rubbish takes away from the natural beauty of the area.
The wonderful team of volunteers gave up a few hours of their working day to clear bottles, crisp packets, cans, plastic bags and other rubbish from the towpath into bin bags.
The waste was then taken to B&M’s Trafford Park Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) processing facility. Materials such as cardboard, wood and metals are recycled, while all non-recyclable waste is compacted into bales, then wrapped and transported to a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) site. The thermal energy is then recovered to produce electricity and steam is generated for a local district heating system. This ensures as much waste as possible is diverted from landfill, and is therefore less damaging to the environment.
This has improved the towpath, and the journeys for all who use it making the area a safer and more appealing place for those using it.
Heather Gaskell of Soreen said: “What a great morning we had! Before and after photos show what we achieved.  Thanks to everyone that took part, it’s really made a visible difference!”
Grahame Henderson, Director at B&M Waste “It is great to work with customers to tidy up the local public environment. Soreen, the Sale Wombles and WSP are a great team of people and it is a great project for us to be a part of. With the law now imposing a fine of up to £150 when caught littering, we hope the area will remain as clean and clear as it now is today.”