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Typhoo Tea have been flying the flag for Great British Tea since 1909 and are proud to be one of Britain's best loved brand. They take their pick of the best crop, so you have all the ingredients you need for a perfect cup of Typhoo. They also work in association with Rainforest AllianceTM using tea from Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM farms that have environmentally and socially responsible practices. Tea comes from all over the world and helps support a healthier plan and an improved quality of life for farming communities. Typhoo Tea Limited has a long and rich heritage, stretching back to 1903 when Birmingham grocer John Sumner developed and sold a blend of tea in his shop. His sister, Mary, was the inspiration behind the product development, as she highly regarded tea as a cure for indigestion. Over the years, the Typhoo business has developed from being the first brand to sell ready packaged tea, to being a leading tea business that now offers products in every sector of the tea market. Brands such as London Fruit & Herb - recognised across the world, Heath and Heather - offering a natural fruit and herb product to an audience growing in health awareness and Melrose and Glengettie, regional favourites in Scotland and Wales.